Local SEO 2021: How To Rank In Google Maps

How to improve rank in Google Maps. Local SEO tips regarding relationship building and local business citations. Citations, as we all can agree, are a ranking benefit in local business SEO.

But a lot of times, we will see techniques that can be beneficial if they implemented correctly during an optimization campaign. One of these local strategies is using citations for local SEO but not just any local business citations.

I am speaking about maps citations.
These maps are generally used to mark a spot on the map that business services and give a brief understanding of the business and services that the company offers to its customers. But when utilizing citations, we sometimes forget the reason for them.

Beginning with a citation reason is to leave digital mention about our business. We are making a business visible by leaving a footprint of there name, address and phone number (NAP). But instead of making it as apparent to Google as possible about our business and who we are and what we do, we will sometimes miss some steps of Entity-relationship building between a location and our brand business and service.

It is all about creating those relationships for Google. And to understand how we can benefit an end-user and why they need to serve our result instead of a competitor because we deserve to answer a query for a locally based search intent query of our services.

So this video walks through not only a better and advanced way to approach our entity building. But also citation building to perform better in organic searches but also to apply these same beliefs to then build our dominance inside of maps. If there are any other local business or SEO questions, feel free to ask below, I am always happy to help you achieve better rankings on Google.

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