Local SEO Citations Link Building Strategy

Today learn a local SEO citation link building strategy called “Authority Buffering”.

So this technique for local websites will utilize high authority websites that you can host your local business information on .
These websites host NAP or name address and phone number information for your website.

The best part about these sites is you can get topically relevant backlinks that are do-follow from these sites!
But that is not what this strategy is all about this technique utilizes these sites as a in between to simply pass power from backlinks through for your linking campaigns.

So how does this strategy work for your local website let me explain in more detail first and foremost you will not want a citation or directory source such as Yelp that will give your business page a redirect.

A redirect will filter out the link equity and we will not want that for this tutorial.
Also explained in this tutorial we cover how no-follow links pass power and are still crawled however this is not a optimization that we want.

We only want a citation website that will give us our own business page that has a do-follow link that points at our website. We also want a citation site that the link we build on it will be surrounded by our NAP to make it more topically relevant this will include a blurb about our business or brand.

If we have a topical and do follow page that will host a link to our website it will be perfect for the Authority Buffer Technique.

So I do not want to give away in text the rest of the strategy so you will need to see the video.

If you have questions pertaining to local SEO or local business marketing please always feel free to ask in the comments below. #localseo
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