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Learn a local SEO Google My Business SEO Optimization CTR booster for 2020.
This tip today will increase your CTR ( click through rate) as you already know everything begins with the click of the end user.

So to begin to enjoy more and more sales for your local business you will need to generate more leads and calls even more traffic to your website.

So in this video I will cover how you can do just that increase the amount of CTR your GMB listing gets.

Now if your listing is not in the 3 pack or the snack pack then you might not see a huge spike in traffic to your GMB listing or your local website.

However if your in the Google Maps three pack and you use the tip inside of this video.
You will begin to increase the amount of clicks that your business listing is getting.

Each and every click to your business listing can lead to yet another sale of lead or phone call.

So if your local SEO optimization strategy is already using this than you know how great this can help your website or your clients along with the GMB profile listing.

If you are getting branded searches or people are searching Google Maps than your GMB or maps listing will stand out in front of your competitors.

I hope that this local SEO Google My Business SEO optimization tips is helpful for your local SEO campaigns and provides a boost for your CTR and overall phone calls and leads to your business.

If you have SEO or digital marketing business questions please feel free to ask in the comments below I am always happy to help any business large , national or mom and pop.
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