Local SEO in 2021- Increase Google Traffic Tips

Learn local SEO tips for increased Google traffic in 2021 to your website. Two simple techniques that will certainly help your CTR and traffic.
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Regardless if you have a local WordPress website or if you are using a basic local HTML website. Than you can use more traffic and a higher CTR to your site.

All local business traffic to your domain starts with the click from the search results and to achieve the click you need for your business.

You will need a compelling title and description describing your local business.
But as a more advanced way to increase the traffic to your website from Google is to extend your meta descriptions to include more keywords along with variations of the keyword along with intecing details to earn the click.

But with all of this said even after you are to spend heaps of time writing the perfect meta description depending on the searchers intent Google will show a different description.

So this video will cover some tips to get the best results for your website and increase the traffic and the click through rate for your local business website.

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