Local SEO -NOT For Beginners 2020

Today learn local SEO in 2020 that’s NOT for beginners. These local SEO tips are not for beginners that are just starting out in a localized SERP.

So what I am covering are some new and very fun tips and tricks or should I say tactics for local businesses that have a Google My Business.

Or are performing GMB SEO and are at the bottom of the snack pack perhaps there business is in the bottom of a Google Maps and they want to increase rankings.

The benefits of the tips in this video are not just for GMB or ranking in Google Maps these search engine optimization techniques can be utilized for organic rankings as well.

Moving through 2020 and into 2021 we are seeing more and more that user metrics and user generated signals are becoming more and more important for your organic rankings on Maps and also your organic search rankings in a local search result or a national search result.

As user engagement and click through along with your on page factors instead of off-page SEO factors are playing a massive role in rankings in Google.

We are starting to see a new line of SEO’s starting to rank with new and improved strategies to take there search results to the next level. Incorporating proper on-page factors along with “quality content” and most importantly click through rate CTR and traffic.

So I hope that you have enjoyed this video showing the new local tips that can help your local business achieve rankings that larger websites are using to rank on Google.

If you have questions related to digital marketing or SEO always feel free to ask in the comments I am happy to help.

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