Local SEO Strategy To Boost Google Rankings 2020

Want a local SEO strategy to boost Google rankings in 2020 and beyond.
Or are you looking for a simple yet effective way to build links without worrying about penalty. Than a Google network would be helpful for you.
I have been asked time and time again about entity / authority builds so today I will cover in this video.

1. how they are helpful for any local business
2. What they are used for
3. How they are a effective strategy to boost your organic ranking on search engines.
4. What they will not do for you.
5. So other helpful local marketing tips that can be helpful for you.gin when just

So let me walk you through the process , the first step to all of this is you need a website that you are beginning.

Note this is not only for a local business but great for a local campaign. This can be applied to any strategy involving a SEO or non SEO the step s are easy once you know the guide and walk through.

This site can be starting out or have some age but it’s a great technique to begin when starting out because it allows the trust and authority to begin to flow to your end property.

Think of this as a way to solidify the trust and authority for your brand property. Then we need to build our stack a stack is a Google property stack this will act as a power up and a buffer to clean out links that we can gather up and “acquire” for a cheaper rate than backlinks we would want to point direct to the site.

Then we build out the wrappers without saying way to much these act as a 2nd tier to the main ranking site to pass all the power through and adds relevance to the traffic and power we are siloing up to the ranking site.

This all works together in a grand harmony to give us a entity stack with AWS wrapper but recently we have added another property to real power up the entire process.

There is a bit more but this is not a blog post. Hope you have enjoyed the video if you have questions feel free to ask in the comments blow related to local , local business or SEO , and search marketing. I am always happy to help a fellow digital marketeer .

Thank you if you have questions how to build stacks comment below.
Or search google drive stacks to see my site 🙂


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