Local SEO Tips For Building Backlinks To Google My Business

Today’s local SEO video will teach you about building backlinks to your Google My Business Listing. Learn about Google My Business link building in 2020 and some GMB 3-pack SEO optimization tips. In this video I am going to teach about a very common question related to local links to your business profile listing.

A question that can hurt your snack pack / 3-pack ranking that I get from business owners quite a lot.
That I feel can really help a small or medium business out with there local SEO marketing in 2020.

So this video will give you a tip on creating and building backlinks or lack there of and some Google Business listing tips and optimizations on local SEO link building and should you build backlinks to your Google property.

Also since I have a little time I will cover some other business questions that you might have to help your ranking and traffic along with phone calls.

Regardless if you are a business owner or doing lead generation your GMB listing is a very valuable asset to have online for your internet marketing campaigns.

If your listing i not showing up this common issue could be the reason why so I hope that you see this and get some helpful tips today.

So if you’re reading this and not watched the video the ,ain answer is no do not busold links it can really demote your GMB profile all the way to the Maps area down the page where you will not get any clicks or phone calls to your business listing.

And not getting leads and sales to your profile really defeats the purpose of a GMB profile in 2020.

So thank you for taking the time to enjoy the video I hope the tips and optimization guide was helpful for your online listing.

If you have questions that I can help with business or marketing related always feel free to ask I love to help when and where I can.

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