Off Page SEO POWERFUL SEO Backlinks Strategy

Today learn a off page SEO strategy that is powerful for building SEO backlinks.

So let me break down this off-page SEO backlinks video for you to make the implementation of this technique very simple and easy to digest.

So first we want to head over to your search console.
Then click on your top linking sites or go through all of the links that are already coming into your website.
After this is done you want to then press the export button inside of search console under links.

What it will do is bring back an Excel sheet for you so you can sort through all of the backlinks.

After you have your SEO backlink list this is the time to then pick out the bet opportunities for yourself to build other links to the links that Google is showing you inside of search console.

these are SOME of the links that Google is showing that are important take these link types and build out more backlinks to these properties tiering out your backlink profile.

I hope this off page SEO method is helpful for you.
Any questions ask , I am happy to help any time.

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