On Page SEO – Optimization Technique

Today learn on page SEO and a optimization technique called the ” Painted Desert Method”. This SEO strategy is looking at a web-page at a more granular level.
By breaking down each and every section of a web page and optimizing these sections weighed against who is ranking in SERP in your top positions or the first page of Google.

So along with learning the “search intent” of a user that is a massive factor to your keyword research. And ranking for a key term on the 1st page of Google can also bring in 100’s if not 1,00’s of other keywords and traffic.

So this video breaks down that URLs along with the H Tags all the way down to videos and lists along with bold tags and body content.

I am covering the importance of each and every element and breaking them down into sections and optimizing based on the top ranking positions and tuning your web pages to the optimization levels of those who are ranking.
We must remember that gauging or pages off of the top 10 might not be best be cause they could be there in those positions in the SERP due to multiple reasons such as.
1. On-page
2. Off-Page
3. Combination of both , that is where we (want) need to be.

So understanding that target keywords need to be included in crucial places on a web page will help you exponentially.

Note: Some topics not touched on in this video that are important for on page would be structured data and unstructured data. This is an important factor for proper on page but that is another video. There are tons of ranking factors or ranking signals to rank inside or on Google #1.

I hope this video has helped you better understand on-site optimization if you have any SEO questions feel free to ask.

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