Ramsay Taplin on Starting and Building a Successful Blog

In this video, you’ll learn how to start and build a successful blog with Ramsay Taplin.
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Ramsay Taplin is the founder and CEO of BlogTyrant, a site that shares tried and tested strategies that are used to create successful blogs and online businesses that allow you to work full-time from home.

Ramsay has built and sold a number of successful blogs in his career, and in this video, he shares some strategies on how to start and build a successful blog.

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00:55 – How many blogs do you have and where are they today?
03:26 – How do you create a blog? Also, can you use a free website builder like Wix, Blogger, WordPress.com, etc?
05:47 – Where do you get a domain name and hosting? Does it even matter when there are so many different places to get it from?
07:40 – Which domain registrars and hosting companies would you recommend?
8:18 – Also, what’s the minimum content you should start with on your blog and how do you avoid wasting time?
13:23 – What are the “right” blogging goals? What should you focus on?
16:30 – What are the common goals that people set for themselves?
19:07 – How would you recommend building your email list from day one?
22:00 – Do you think the first piece of content you focus on should be an “opt-in bribe?”
23:41 – What are the other things you should focus on early on when you’re starting your blog?
29:36 – What are the 3 biggest blogging mistakes that lead people astray?
34:01 – What kind of resources from your blog do you recommend?

To learn more about Ramsay, you can visit blogtyrant.com or tweet him on Twitter @BlogTyrant

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