Schema Markup SEO Made Easy

SEO tutorial how to add schema markup SEO and structured data made easy. This SEO video will walk you through step by step on how you can easily add schema to your website. Schema markup is simply just some code also know as semantic vocabulary.

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Schema should be added to your website will help the search engines understand what your pages are all about. And help Google and other search engines return more informative results for web users.
Rich snippets or enhancements for your website will pop out in the search results depending on the type of schema markup you use on your site.

Stars for reviews along with article schema and question and answer schema along with FAQ schema’s to name a few. This video will break down on what schema you should use for your web page depending on what a SERP is calling for for a particular query.

I will show you how to add Schema to your website regardless if it is WordPress or any other type of CMS or HTML web-page type that you might have.

In 2021 and beyond semantics are important so learning schema SEO is more important than ever so I am happy to help you learn schema in this tutorial how to.

If you have questions related to schema markup or structured data or if you need search engine optimization help please feel free to ask below.

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