SEO: How To Get Google Sitelinks

Learn how to get Google sitelinks in this SEO video. Site-links for your website in the SERPs takes up more space and really makes your site stand out.

So let me cover the steps that I took in order to get the Google sitelinks to show up in the search results.

First I cleaned up the structure of the page. Starting with the header and the footer of the page. After I decided the on page structure and what the most important internal links where I then placed them from left to right.

After I decided the most important pages , inside the footer for this example I then no-followed the unimportant links.

After I covered the structure I then moved to the schema of the web-pages, I used Dublin Core Schema to help mark up the pages , along with RDF-A and LD+JSON.
I did not over do the schema or micro format markup however it is utilized on the pages.
Along with these mark ups I have breadcrumbs on the site.

After cleaning up the website structure and implementing the proper schema on all pages of the website.
I then made sure that all meta keywords where removed from the pages.
After taking away meta keywords if there where any , I then cleaned out meta descriptions to let Google decide what the pages where about.
I let Google display the descriptions that they want to in the search result page.

I hope that this video helped you get sitelinks in the search results for your website.

Any further questions related to Google SEO or digital marketing feel free to ask below where I am happy to answer any SEO questions to help your website thrive.
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