SEO Local Ranking #1 in Google Maps Tutorial 2020

SEO Local Ranking #1 in Google Maps Tutorial 2020. Today learn how to authority stack Google Maps in this local SEO tutorial 2020. I will walk you through a step by step guide as a sneak peak into my stack training.

So this local SEO tutorial video I will cover a detail a process step by step tutorial to build Google citations how to perform local SEO strategies and how to increase local rankings with GMB SEO.

So citations as we know are a digital mention citations of your brand, business or service on Google and other search engines.

So if for your local business we could build out a digital mention of our brand from one of the most authoritative websites ever Google! And on top of it all get a backlink back to our website or Google My Business!

Along with that we will show how to incorporate relevant keywords , business or brand keywords and topics inside of our descriptions targeting our Google search terms and tags title for local SEO campaigns in this tutorial and so on to create this huge amount of relevant data for our local SEO campaigns to help us increase rankings on Google with local SEO and that is what is inside this tutorial.

When dealing with rank and ranking on maps or GMB by doing GMB SEO it comes down to a few things. And those things are different than organic rankings it is your proximity to the user or searcher for your keywords or service brand etc.

Along with that is your citations and brand mentions and traffic and clicks along with searches by brand for your business within the search engine known as Google along with a ton of secondary factors.

So if you have a local SEO campaign and have heard of citations or possibly have not heard of citations or Google My Business then this tutorial will help walk you through some Google citations.

And also how to stack map properties to provide relevant data for Google to rank on Google Maps and so users that are looking for your brand, business or service can find you in the local SERP.

This walk through tutorial , this how to guide is great for any type of business that has a GMB or does local SEO it is aimed at local business. But if you have a physical location or where people can come and purchase goods or services than this technique or strategy for your online campaign can really help.

So what will you learn in this video:
1. How to create citations.
2. How to use Google Maps to your advantage and how to get better results.
3. How to stack maps.
4. Some really cool tips and tricks for your local business
5. How to find your CID.
6. How to find you MREID.
7. How to combine all of the data to create relevant citations.

This is a part of my training , this is one part that I am walking through today live. If any questions about local business , local SEO or business marketing even digital marketing or just SEO local questions.

Please feel free to ask in the comments, I am always happy to help small business with local SEO tips or seo local Google My Business Maps or any other marketing for local I love to help get more traffic and sales any way that I can especially with search engine optimization for a small business.
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