SEO Tools For Small Business

Today learn about SEO tools for small business to increase conversions and sales.

But more importantly you will learn about conversion rate optimization by using tools generally used by search engine marketeers and sales professionals to increase the amount of conversions that a website or a web page are receiving.

So the type of SEO and SEM tools I am referring to are a tool-set that are aimed at conversion rate optimization and are made for heat mapping and heat mapping in short is a tool that will show you by color on page to refer to the cursor or mouse movement in a particular part of your web page.

This will identify the amount of time or activity on a certain part of a web-page indicating this amount of movement and time in a area by coloring it lighter and lighter until the color red.

Now heat mapping is an excellent way to increase conversions and see how a internet user is interacting with a web page.

But the tip enclosed in today’s tutorial educational video has more to do with “session recording”. So what is session recording this is where you install a SEO / SEM software that is used for conversion rate optimization to increase conversions and sales. ” Who would have thought” but the tip the point I want to get across is you can surprise your future customers or potential clients with these SEO-TOOLS by recording the web page that is on checkout or cart.

Each and every person who fills out the cart or form that decides for what ever reason to leave that page and go about there day , you then reach out e mail call or what ever you are most comfortable with to increase the amount of sales by saving and building a relationship with the cart dropper.

This level of care and professionalism will instill a level of trust and care to your potential customer or client.
By taking the time to adjust and fix why they left the cart or order form to close the sale will lead to more sales and ultimately more customers for your business brand or service.

So that will wrap up today’s video on SEO tools for small business how to get more sales. I hope that this tip has helped you.

If you have digital marketing or SEO questions please feel free to ask I am always happy to help.

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