Video SEO: How To Get More Views On YouTube

Today Learn YouTube Video SEO How To Get More Views On YouTube.

This tutorial is aimed at anyone that wants to gain a slight edge over there competition and gather up more views on there videos by creating better videos overall.

A study that was conducted it was shown that over time videos that have closed captions received nearly an 8% increase in video views over the course of time.

But we all know that editing videos takes a lot of time along with adding thumbnails and then the subtitles.

All of this time can really add up so I have created my own formula to get more views by using the generated automatic captions and editing them.

Just slightly ti make them better by editing out any profanity and also horrible grammar that might have been piked up.

Then after I have an edited CC file I remove the auto generated subtitles and I am left with improved videos because of my video SEO technique.

I hope that this quick little tip and tutorial has been helpful to you.

If you have questions regarding search engine optimization or digital marketing.
Always feel free to ask below I am always happy to help any way that I can.

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