Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: A Framework for More Revenue

Does your local business need more business? Need a proven Facebook ads strategy?

Facebook advertising expert Allie Bloyd shares a framework to create a profitable Facebook ads strategy for your local business.

You’ll discover three different levels of ads your local business should be using, and learn which content and campaign types work best at each level.

Allie shares specific advice you can apply to attract new customers, package your offer and convert the customers you attract, and retarget people who don’t immediately convert.

Finally, you’ll find out how to ensure all your Facebook ads are set up properly before you begin running your campaigns.

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00:00 Intro
00:25 The AB3 Method for Facebook Ads
00:56 Developing Level 1 Top of Funnel Facebook Ads to Educate Your Audience
08:42 Developing Level 2 Facebook Ads to Present Your Offer
10:52 Developing Level 3 Facebook Ads to Retarget Your Leads
11:35 Planning Your Facebook Ad Strategy

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Matthew Brewin

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