Facebook Lead Form Ads: How to Optimize for Results

Want more quality leads from Facebook? Are your Facebook lead forms set up properly?

Facebook advertising expert Allie Bloyd explains how to create Facebook lead forms that drive quality leads and sales via paid or organic campaigns.

You’ll learn what type of lead form will yield the highest quality leads, which pre-fill questions to include, and how to add custom questions that will pre-qualify your leads.

You’ll also discover the most important aspect of lead forms many businesses overlook.

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Accessing the Publishing Tools Lead Ads Forms Library
01:11 Creating a New Lead Form
02:30 Choosing a Lead Form Type
03:39 Building Your Lead Form
05:00 Adding Questions to Your Lead Form
07:07 Completing Your Lead Form With a Call to Action
09:32 Choosing Restricted or Open Lead From Settings
10:11 Publishing and Using Your Lead Form
10:43 Setting Up Lead Form Notifications

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