Facebook Organic and Paid Reach Strategy for Local Businesses

Does your local business have a Facebook page? Want more people to see your organic Facebook posts?

Facebook advertising expert Allie Bloyd shares a strategy to grow an engaged, local Facebook audience for your business.

You’ll discover how to plan your post schedule and define a budget to test the performance of each post.

You’ll also learn how to test your offers to see what type of copy and images your audience responds to and find specific conversion costs to identify successful posts you can model with organic content.

Finally, you’ll get six ideas to help plan and diversify your Facebook post content.

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00:00 Intro
01:17 Planning Your Facebook Posts
02:15 Planning Your Post Budget
02:50 Testing and Analyzing Facebook Post Performance
04:05 Benchmark Values for Costs per Objective
05:10 Ideas for Facebook Posts That Work

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