Freedom Friday Interview with Tanya Lochner ~ November 9, 2018

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This Freedom Friday interview is with Tanya Lochner, an intuitive wealth and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs thrive (not just survive) while growing a business with impact and income.

Tanya combines her 16 years of corporate experience with her background in psychology and neuroscience to run 3 successful businesses, on and offline!

Prior to owning her own businesses, Tanya worked in the finance industry and climbed the corporate ladder all the way to a national management position.

After 16 years in corporate, Tanya took the leap and quit her job in 2016 to build her coaching business.

If you’re dreaming of a freedom lifestyle and want to quit your job to build your own business you need to watch this interview.  

Tanya shares her story of how she went from a high-flying corporate job to owning three successful businesses. 

You’ll hear how she changed jobs, moved cities, met her husband, got married, and become pregnant with their first baby in less than six months! 

Tanya also talks about how her boss wouldn’t let her take six months off for maternity leave and…

How she almost lost her home because she invested so much money to build her business. 

Tanya also shares a lot of great nuggets throughout the interview about how the brain works and how little daily habits can program the brain to work for or against us. 

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road and Tanya believes it requires a resilient mindset, which is what she coaches others to develop so their business can thrive. 

Be sure to watch all the way to the end to get details on the free gift Tanya has for you and learn her advice for anyone wanting to quit their job and create a business and life they love.  

To access the show notes and get links to all the resources Tanya mentions visit:

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