How to Grow Your Facebook Group: 4 Steps

Want Facebook to recommend your group? Looking for ways to quickly grow your Facebook group?

Facebook marketing expert Dana Malstaff shares four ways to grow your group and four mistakes that can work against you.

You’ll discover how to strategically use questions, trending posts, member mentions, and past posts to create engagement that prompts Facebook to show your group’s posts to others more often.

You’ll also learn mistakes that can negatively impact Facebook group engagement.

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— How to How to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Step 1: Ask Engaging Questions
01:00 Step 2: Keep Engaged Posts Trending
02:00 Step 3: Tag Engaged Members & Tag Old Posts
03:05 Step 4: Celebrate & Cry With Your Community
03:36 Mistakes That Will Stunt Your Engagement
04:24 Additional Resources

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