How to Use an Email Sequence to Turn Prospects Into Customers

Want more sales? Wondering how email can help?

Marketing expert Dana Malstaff walks you through a six-step email system you can use to nurture people from prospects to customers.

You’ll learn how each email, sent in a specific order, creates genuine loyalty and engagement, and grows sales.

You’ll also discover how to cycle this email system to stay engaged with your audience over time.

Finally, you’ll find out how to re-engage people on a list you haven’t emailed for a while.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Consider the Customer Journey
00:57 Email 1: Permission
01:40 Email 2: Clout
02:04 Email 3: Training
02:26 Email 4: Recommendation
02:55 Email 5: Ask
03:08 Email 6: Feedback
03:21 Create a Nurture Plan
03:59 How to Reengage a Dormant List
04:28 Additional Resources

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