How to Use User Generated Content on Instagram

Want to share your customers’ posts on Instagram? Wondering how to find and use your customers’ content without breaking Instagram’s Terms of Service?

Instagram marketing expert Jenn Herman explains how to share User Generated Content (UGC) in your marketing on Instagram.

You’ll discover what UGC is and why you should include UGC in your marketing efforts.

You’ll learn how to encourage people to create UGC for you, and how to find and legally share UGC that will benefit your brand.

Finally, you’ll get tips to avoid making mistakes that could harm your brand when you include UGC.

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— How to Legally Leverage User-Generated Content in Your Marketing:

How to Legally Leverage User-Generated Content in Your Marketing

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00:00 Intro
00:31 What is UGC?
00:57 Why You Should Use UGC
01:29 UGC Examples
02:04 How to Find UGC on Instagram
02:39 How to Get Customers to Create Content
03:10 How to Properly Share UGC on Instagram
04:54 UGC Mistakes to Avoid
05:53 Additional Resources

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