Pinterest for Business: A 5-Step Strategy for Marketers

Should Pinterest be part of your marketing strategy? Wondering how to use Pinterest for marketing?

Pinterest expert Jennifer Priest explains how to optimize your pins to get more visibility on Pinterest.

You’ll discover how to research and decide whether your business should be on Pinterest, and learn where Pinterest fits in your overall marketing plan.

You also find a 5-step Pinterest marketing strategy and get tips to help your content stand out and drive traffic or sales from Pinterest.

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Should I be on Pinterest?
01:35 Where Does Pinterest Fit into Your Funnel?
02:18 What are People’s Intentions on Pinterest?
03:03 Step 1: Researching Your Pin’s Environment
03:58 Step 2: Customizing Your Pin’s Appearance
04:10 Step 3: Positioning Your Pin
05:07 Step 4: Make Your Pin Stand Out
05:20 Step 5: Create a Clear CTA
07:03 Additional Resources

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