The Viral LinkedIn Marketing Strategy – How to Get Insane Reach on LinkedIn

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There’s a huge marketing opportunity on LinkedIn right now.

Every week there’s over 9 BILLION impressions served on the LinkedIn feed.

However, only 3 MILLION updates are posted weekly.

So…What does that mean for you?

HUGE opportunity to get VIRAL exposure from LinkedIn marketing.

On top of that, LinkedIn’s algorithm is heavily favoring marketers right now.

✔️ A slower decay than other networks (i.e. your posts linger on feeds for weeks, not hours)
✔️ Your content can get shown to people who are NOT connected to you (i.e. you don’t need a lot of followers)
✔️ All you need to do is drive engagement on your posts

In this video / podcast, I discuss the nuances you need to know about LinkedIn marketing and 9 examples of real life posts that went viral.
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