I just got a little more than 1,000 views from a vendor on fiverr for $6. Now, it wasn’t for this channel. I simply wanted to see how “real” these services are. You can see the results of that experiment here:

The market for getting someone views is a real thing. That’s why you have online services where you can pay $2 to get about 1,000 views. The thing is. those services aren’t real and those views are practically meaningless. They show the increased number on your video but it does nothing to your subscriber count and engagement. The evidence for that is here:

Now, many creators are under the impression that the only people who buy views are “wanna be famous people” aka individuals looking to get famous quick. Though this is true, there’s another category of people looking to get views and those people are small businesses. A viral video is a powerful way to get exposure for your product. They hire social media managers or digital agencies in hopes of finding the secret. Many times these services are too expensive for them so they look for cheaper alternatives.

Every once in a while, I get emails from these “cheaper alternatives”. These alternatives claim to be REAL marketers who will market your youtube video. There are also many of them on fiverr. In this video, I test those services out.

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