This took 2 years and $20,000 (so far) to make

I am so excited to give you a glimpse into a series I’ve been working on for you for over 2 years! I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into it so far in travel expenses, hiring a film crew, audio guys, storyboarding everything, editors, animators, and more. And next week, episode 1 drops for you. It’s called Creator Stories.

Several years ago I started realizing that one of the top qualities among the channels that were growing very quality is that they had an element of storytelling to them, and I wanted to learn that skill, not only for my own channel here, but also so I could help you with your storytelling skills and the growth that you want to experience on YouTube.

I invested into attending storytelling workshops, books, hired storytelling consultants, and did a lot of experiments on my own channel as well as with a lot of our clients, and saw amazing results.

So now it’s time to take my investment into my own advice to the next level. Two years ago I started working on an idea for a series called Creator Stories. My goal is to introduce you to someone in our community and hear their story in a way that not only shows you exactly what steps you need to take next in order to grow your channel, but that actually shapes what you believe about what it means to be a creator. I want you to come away from each episode learning something and feeling something.

The first 5 episodes are shot and, despite not having a plan to recoup the money I’ve invested so far, I’ll shoot 5 more and then evaluate the series. Each episode comes with an exclusive sit-down interview with the creator whose story we’re telling that will be made available to channel members at the “Training” level or higher. Each interview will dive in deeper to the obstacle that creator faced and practical steps for how you can overcome it, too, so if you feel like you want to support the series, consider clicking the “join” button below this video and becoming a member at the “training” level. You’ll also get instant access to 5 in-depth training sessions on getting more views, more subscribers, and making more money on YouTube.

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