VidSummit 2018 Highlights

Our 5th VidSummit is in the books and it was the BEST VIDSUMMIT EVER!!! I can tell you it would have been impossible for me to reach my goals without the help and patience of so many others that could see my vision. I’m so grateful for my amazing wife Carolyn, she encourages me to follow my dreams and never complains. To my kids that joke around with me to relieve my stress and pressure. My partners Shaun McBride, Sean Holladay and the Space Station team for their hustle, energy and positivity.

There are so many moving parts and logistics to worry about and I’m most of all grateful for my amazing VidSummit Staff (Katy, Christyna, Caitlyn, Gideon, Alex, and Adam) and our 50 volunteers. Without their hard work, #VidSummit2018 would not have happened. Big Thanks to Luria Petrucci and David Foster(Live Streaming Pros) and their whole team for handling the tech and the live stream to all our virtual attendees.

Now to our Keynotes, Jack Conte, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter McKinnon, and Daniel Markham. Thank you for inspiring us. And to the 63 speakers!! WOW! WOW! Just WOW!! I’ve been able to binge watch a lot of the presentations as I prep them for upload to site for replays. I was so moved by the motivation, case studies, tactics and strategies that was shared so freely! I was most of all impressed to watch you answer questions to the people in the audience and in the halls, seeing you treat the attendees like equals and colleagues. Thank You!

Big shout out and thanks to Amazon, VidIQ, and the rest of the sponsors! Seriously the cost to put on a live event are so steep, and we are grateful for partners that help shoulder the costs.

Lastly, I’m extremely grateful to all the attendees for trusting us by putting your lives on hold, traveling from all around the world just to attend in person. Thank You for making the VidSummit the best ever!!

Thanks to Erick Magana with PB Films for putting this highlight together.

Matthew Brewin

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