Want More Subscribers? Think About These Things Instead!

As a creator who wants to grow your channel into something that brings joy into your life and really serves your viewers well, you obviously want more subscribers. But is subscribers the thing we should really be focusing on? What happens when we don’t hit the number? What happens when you hit the number of subscribers, but your videos still aren’t getting many views?

So many times we put our focus and energy into things that we have no control over, and subscribers and views are usually two of those things. If we’re constantly measuring our success on something that is out out of our control, when we don’t hit that mark, we feel like a failure in our pursuits. If we DO hit that mark without having measurable points along the way, we realize that the reward isn’t as great as we thought it would be.

We believe that it’s important to not only have goals and pursuits, but measurable ones that allow you to see your progress unfold along the way, so you can sustain the long game of building your YouTube channel into a business that thrives and changes your life, and the lives of others.

Today we’ve got 5 MEASURABLE things that you have a LOT more control over when it comes to creating growth, and we’ll also talk about how you can make each of these things measurable, so you KNOW you’re making progress in the right way.

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Matthew Brewin

Hey, name's Matt. I'm a blogger on LikesInternetMarketing.com, Certified Digital Marketer, and Partner at Internet Profits Ltd.