What the FTC Commissioners Told My Attorney about COPPA

I have an in-depth discussion with Jeremy Johnston (YouTuber & My former Attorney) about FTC Commissioners, YouTube, COPPA and YouTube Terms of Service. Everything you need to know to help unite creators to speak up!

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COPPA: everything you need to know https://youtu.be/1b9HGNHm-aQ

Write a comment to the FTC: https://bit.ly/31XAEXJ
Suggested Talking Points for Viewers: https://bit.ly/2Wptf1U
Suggested Talking Points for Creators: https://bit.ly/31SwLmI
See comments written by others: https://bit.ly/31ZefJi

Watch MatPat’s Video on FTC COPPA

Terms of Service – YouTube & FTC Will Terminate Millions

amount of comments: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FTC-2019-0054-0001&fbclid=IwAR1SnZc7BH0YeEQ1w-HX3RLFWvjiRntN_7nIg0xo_Gdvpe-KQE6-_K_JgqA

FTC: YouTube Channel Owners: Is your content directed to children?

Mix Audience exception doc:


Tubefilter Article: 60-90% revenue loss

Is A YouTube COPPAcalypse Coming? FTC Rules Could Start Demonetizing Creators In 2020

Bloomberg Article:


81% of parents allow kids 11 and under watch YouTube

Many Turn to YouTube for Children’s Content, News, How-To Lessons

The Future of the COPPA Rule Part 1 (WORKSHOP)

The Future of the COPPA RULE Part 2

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