Why I Do NOT Monetize Videos (My CRAZY YouTube Marketing Strategy)

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0:05 I target the same people, the same fans. If you subscribe to my page, you’re always going to see my stuff, or hopefully, you do, and I hope it provides value for you. If not, leave a comment, let me know why, and I genuinely will try to improve. You can be as blunt as possible. I don’t mind negative feedback. I embrace it.

0:30 But if you look at my videos, you’ll notice one simple thing. I don’t monetize them. I don’t tell you to go to my website. I don’t put an ad on there. I’m not monetizing through Facebook ads, Google ads, or YouTube ads, even promotions, I get companies hitting me up all the time saying if you mention me, and showcase X, Y and Z, I’ll give you Y dollars, I’ll be like, no.

1:00 If I like your product and it provides value to my users, to the listeners, to you, I will mention it, and I’ll mention it for free if I like it. Most cases, I don’t, because I don’t think it’s going to provide value. People are just trying to sell you stuff, and I don’t like that. But the reason I don’t monetize is, I believe if I do what’s best for you, indirectly, somehow, I’m going to make money.

1:15 And I know that may seem like a really crazy, strategy or concept, especially for someone who’s analytical like me, created multiple analytics companies, very data-driven, but I genuinely believe if I do what’s best for you and help you out, and not try to just throw other products or services or even my own company down your throat, I barely mention my own businesses on my own videos. It’s because I don’t care to. I want to help you genuinely.

1:45 If I help you, I don’t monetize, indirectly, one way or another, I think it’ll come back, and if it doesn’t, you know what? At least you and I had an amazing time helping each other out, and who cares if we don’t make money doing it? And that’s my strategy when it comes to marketing. I do what’s best for people first. I don’t try to monetize first. I don’t try to put ads in my content. I don’t go and try to promote other products because I’m getting paid for them. I’ll do it if it only benefits you, and I will never accept an affiliate commission or a dollar from that kind of stuff.

2:15 Yes, I’ve tested out creating pages with affiliate commissions, but I don’t like doing that stuff. It doesn’t make that much money, and I’ve been at positions where I could get it to make 30, 40, 50 grand a month, but it’s just not me. You should do what you’re comfortable with. If you want to monetize directly and that’s you, by all means, go and do it. But the reason I don’t do it is that I believe you help people self, without being selfish, a tongue twister there. Today I’ve created like 20 videos. But if you do selflessness, and you don’t care about monetizing, and you put other people first, I believe karma, in karma, and it’ll all come back and benefit you in the long run as well.

Matthew Brewin

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