YouTube Adpocalypse Strikes Again! What it Means for YouTubers

The YouTube Adpocalypse Strikes Again! Is this the end of YouTube as we know it? Many advertisers have pulled their ads from YouTube because of alleged child exploitation and predatory behavior on content. YouTube took swift action and Deleted 3.7 million comments, 4.3 million videos, deleted a lot of channels, demonetized millions of videos and added a lot of videos to restricted mode. They have a strong roadmap for their efforts on child safety. I explain and digest what YouTube is doing now, how it affects YouTube creators negatively, and what it means for you and other creators.

This is the first time I’m speaking out on a similar issue that happened to one of my channels in the kid’s space last year. There were some predatory comments on a few of my videos and YouTube deleted one of my channels that was getting millions of views a day. It had nothing to do with my content but it was the comments. Come to find out it was a false positive and the channel was reinstated, but never fully recovered.

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