How To Go From Fat, Lazy, & Unfocused To MASTERING SELF-DISCIPLINE | David Goggins & Lewis Howes

David Goggins is an incredible man who has undergone insane amounts of stress, pain, and tragedy only to unlock his true potential in life.

David is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man), and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.

He is indisputably one of the world’s best endurance athletes. He has completed over 60 ultra-marathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons, setting new course records and regularly placing in the top five. He once held the world record for pull-ups, completing 4,030 in 17 hours, and he is a sought-after public speaker, coach of numerous sports teams, and he also coaches people in Fortune 500 companies. In 2018, he published a book called You Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds which helps tons of people tap into their true potential. He says that on average, people are only using 40% of their potential. David wants to raise that number significantly.

David Goggins has achieved and will continue to achieve many great things, but he has not achieved them by being comfortable. Growing up, David lived on a street called “Paradise Road,” but his home life was anything but paradise. His father was physically and emotionally abusive, David struggled with a learning disability, he cheated and failed at school, and at one point, he weighed over 300 pounds.

It was tragedy after tragedy for David. How did he manage to accomplish so much with a beginning so broken?

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