You Will NEVER Be Lazy Again If You DO THIS! | Navy Seal Rich Diviney & Lewis Howes

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Rich Diviney has more than 20 years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer. He completed more than 13 overseas deployments, achieved multiple leadership positions (including the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command), and since retirement in early 2017, has worked as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc.

During Rich’s time as the officer in charge of training for a specialized command, he reworked the selection and assessment program to identify key attributes rather than just skills. This allowed him and his cadre to more effectively, and more constructively, explain the success and failure of candidates. Most importantly, it allowed them to put together the highest performing team possible.

Additionally, he spearheaded the creation of a directorate that fused physical, mental, and emotional disciplines. He led his small team to create the first-ever “Mind Gym” that helped special operators train their brains to perform faster, longer, and better in all environments — especially high-stress ones.

Using the principles of this program, Rich has been able to work with more than five thousand business, athletic, and military leaders to teach leadership and optimal performance. And now, he’s put all that information into his new book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance. By reading this book, you’ll discover how you fit inside a team, show up for others, handle stress, challenge, and uncertainty, and how you can master your attributes for success.

I loved diving deep into the mindset of a Navy SEAL and learning all the techniques, lessons, and wisdom that comes from being a leader and a driver of success. I was honored to have Rich on the show, and I’m excited to share this interview with you all!

Join me on Episode 1,057 to learn how to attract success, destroy laziness, and achieve optimal performance with former Navy SEAL officer Rich Diviney.

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