DAVID GOGGINS – Remember Who You Are (The Cookie Jar Speech)

DAVID GOGGINS – Remember Who You Are (The Cookie Jar Speech)
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““The Cookie Jar”
The cookie jar is something that I developed years ago. So what happens to me, happens to a lot of us in situations… We get put in these… My whole life I’ve been put in struggles… I’ve put myself in struggles… I’ve purposely put obstacles in front of me to see how I’m going to feel, like for instance I’ve run over 200 miles at one time… non stop. Do you know what goes through you mind… when your goal is to run for 200 miles and you’re at mile 100? You’re at mile 100. You’ve run for over 24 hrs and your body is broken. You’re destroyed. You have nothing left. You have 100+ more miles to go. How do you find more?

So I developed this thing called the cookie jar. So the cookie jar is a reminder. It’s all that is. It’s a reminder. Even the hardest person on planet earth… we forget how badass we are. When times get hard… When times get hard your mind spazzes out. It freaks out. It goes somewhere else. We forget.
That cookie jar… You gotta take 1 second. Take 1 second and that cookie jar has all these things in it… All the things you overcame… All the things that you suffered through… All the things that got in your way and you fought through.
So you go in your mental cookie jar, when you’re going through bad times… When you wanna quit and you wanna bailout… You think about it… Ok, David what did you do? You went through 2 hell weeks. You went through ranger school. You went through this. You went through that. It’s a reminder that you are that badass. And that’s all it is.
The cookie jar is, you take 1 second when you’re in an extreme environment and your mind and your body are saying: We’re done. We need to quit. You can remind yourself: Hang on a second! I’ve been through a hell of a lot more than this and I had the strength to persevere, to move on, to not be mediocre, to not settle for what’s in front of me. To overcome the odds.”

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