#1 Copywriting Software – Let AI Work For You!

This copywriting software will write your sales letters, email autoresponder’s, ads and webinar scripts for you. Get a full walk-through of the best copy software for 2020.

Next, you need to watch the full “Hyper Funnels” workshop which shows how to get all of the sales copy you need for an entire funnel in 60 minutes, here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/hyperfunnels

Imagine if you were able to get all of your sales copy written in an hour instead of months… What would that do for your online business?

This is also the location where you can get a 30% off discount if you are interested in getting lifetime access to this tool, like I have.

In this workshop you will see the founder of this software, Jon Benson who is a copy pro and has sold billions of dollars in products, detail more of the uses and power of AI found within the software that I show here.

If you have more questions, be sure to read my blog post that reviews this copywriting software here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/copywriting-software/

But here’s a quick rundown of the app and who it is best for.

If you are building a business that requires you to grow a list which means you’re going to have opt in pages, follow-up sequences…

And then you plan to sell them products whether physical or digital from sales pages, video sales letters or webinars…

This cloud-based app can be your personal CopyPro AI and save you months of time building all of the sales copy and marketing copy that you need.

No more wasting thousands of dollars on overpriced copywriters.

Plus it will base all of your sales letters, your webinar scripts and funnel content on proven frameworks and templates to increase your conversion.

Now I have been using John Benson’s software for many years. in fact you can see one of my videos from three years ago talking about his software tools that I was using here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lg78GHME78

The goal is to establish that this isn’t some new or random software creator, but he’s a pro and has been building copywriting software for years now.

There is no other tool on the market that can offer you as diverse of a variety of sales copy as this tool.

Plus it is important to think about the skills of the person who put this all together.

Benson is a professional copywriter himself whose sales copy has sold over $10 billion worth of products.

He is one of four copywriters in the world who has sold over $1 billion worth of products.

If the copywriting software you purchase was written by an inferior copywriter then the copy you received from the tool will be inferior.

This should be nonnegotiable for you when it comes down to your sales copy, your emails, your opt in pages, your bullet points, your headlines, etc…

These are the keys to your funnel converting and you should never accept subpar content for your sales funnel.

Which is why this copywriting tool is the most important tool in my teams to a belt.

If we need a broadcast email written, we can go to the tool and it will generate dozens of ideas we can choose from.

If we want to test a new Facebook ad, opt in page or a new webinar script, you can go to the tool and it will generate multiple scripts we can simply plug into our landing page for a split test.

This takes the process of creating copy from an arduous task that takes weeks or months down to a simple process that takes less than an hour.

This allows us to increase our speed of implementation and how quick we are able to iterate our funnels defined the offers and the messaging that work for our audience!

Now I’m not comparing the different sales-copy software available on the market because this one is head and shoulders above the rest.

the closest option is funnel scripts and their pricing is close as explained here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/funnel-scripts-price/

But the truth is, from a quality standpoint of the copy you receive… There is no competitor here…

Plus this is the only tool on the market that offers the hyper funnel feature which you saw here and is explained in greater detail in the workshop and on my blog post about this tool.

So click this link here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/copy

And watch the complete workshop now so Jon himself can explain how this all works, so you can understand the power of this tool and how it will positively impact your business.

-Miles Beckler

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