5 Keys To Outsourcing – How To Find & Hire The Best Virtual Teamamtes, Everytime!

Hiring and outsourcing are great ways to grow your output, but the process is difficult. With these 5 keys you’ll know exactly how to find the right virtual assistant for your job at the right price.

Before you jump in and start outsourcing projects and hiring virtual assistants, you need to make sure you are being strategic about growing your virtual team…

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In a previous video I shared more about my organization chart and the specific virtual assistants and virtual teammate I’ve hired plus a few of my biggest mistakes I’ve made during the hiring process…

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This video reveals the five keys to outsourcing. Specifically. You’re going to get my five main tips or my five main strategies I use to find the right people at the right price for my job. So whether you’re hiring a virtual assistant, a customer support person, a developer, it doesn’t matter. These are relevant every time. And I’ve personally been on a little bit of a hiring binge. I’ve hired many new people. I’ve got a bunch of job listings open right now and I figured I’d share with you kind of the specifics, right? So you can bring on the right people. Number one test different hiring platforms there for a while I was very kind of um, all in on one platform. I had great success with Upwork many years ago actually when it was called oDesk. So before they got bought out and changed over.

Um, today I’m getting a much higher quality teammate coming in at a much better price from other platforms. One of the key platforms that I use is online jobs dot P H a I am an affiliate of theirs. The link is down below. So if you want to use that, if you’re hiring, I appreciate it. But either way it’s important to just check the different ecosystems against each other because here’s what’s going on. And on Upwork specifically when you get in a closed loop system, the prices for the actual services can really become competitive within that one closed system. But when you go look at a different system, you can find a much different price. Same idea is true in local markets. So the San Francisco job market for hiring for a content marketer is going to have a much different price than Tulsa, Oklahoma, K and I’m looking for the Tulsa Oklahoma price, proverbially speaking, not the highest price in the world, which Upwork seems to be bringing me some intense prices.

So on one specific job I put it on Upwork and online jobs pH. So I’m testing these two platforms against each other. I got $70 to $125 applicants on Upwork and I’ve got well qualified applicants in the seven to $10 per hour range.

So definitely test different platforms. So there’s other ones, like the freelancers of the world, rent a coders, right? Depending on what you’re doing, do a little bit of searching on what the best platform is for the job that you like. If you’re looking at writers and you want a native English writer, uh, online jobs.ph might not be the right other platform to test, but maybe it’s, I writer would be a great one for you to test in that scenario.

Number two, be specific and realistic. Okay. So I want to talk about the realistic part first. A lot of times people will get into outsourcing and they’re like, cool, I’m going to find a virtual assistant who can write my blog posts. They can customize my WordPress, they can run my Facebook ads, they can do my dishes, they can do absolutely everything for me. Um, they’re human means just like you and me.

Someone who knows how to customize WordPress, uh, templates and themes and who can be kind of your designer and developer in that world, they’ve probably spent the better portion of their professional life doing just that. Whereas someone who is an expert writer, they’re expert at crafting the written word at copy editing at proofreading. They’ve probably dedicated most of their life to that craft.
Great. Neither can a virtual assistant, right? So it’s important to keep that in mind and you want to really hire specifically. So that’s the other side of this coin, right? So when you’re hiring for one specific task, allow it to be for that one specific task. Don’t expect to find a customer service representative who’s also going to have the WordPress skills, who can also manage your, your social media. There’s a really good chance you could take a great customer service representative and teach them how to manage your social media, but to expect them to understand PHP code or CSS code or or theme customization, um, that’s just outside of the box.

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