7 Step Sales Funnel Checklist – How To Launch A Million Dollar Funnel

Ready to launch your new sales funnel to the moon? this video reveals my exact checklist for launching a new funnel in my million dollar online business.

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This video reveals my seven steps sales funnel checklist after making millions of dollars online through sales funnels. I know the importance of going back through double checking all of my work, making sure I got the right bits and pieces in the right places. So I put together this little checklist for myself that I’m going through with this brand new funnel that I’m launching and I figured I’d share it with you so you can kind of run your processes against it and help you identify anything you might be missing in your sales funnels. Let’s jump right in. Number one, we’re starting at the optin level now. The sales funnels that I run, these are cold traffic funnels that I’m running right now that I’m testing most of my work on. So it’s an opt in page, it’s a sales page, it’s a One-Click Upsell and all the little bits and pieces that go with it.

So the per first place I focus is at the opt in page level and I want to make sure that I have a new big idea coming out right, which means a new lead magnet of sorts but not just the lead magnet. I want to be split testing the actual funnel itself. So I want to be split testing this opt in page. Then I have to go back in and make sure I’ve got my Facebook tracking and my Google tracking installed correctly so I can note and kind of push the data back into both of those systems so I can analyze the progress, right? If I’m not feeding the data back into Facebook or in the analytics, how would I be able to analyze how well that funnel’s doing? I wouldn’t therefore getting all of that in place. So on the opt-in page level, it’s most important for me right now that I’m testing a new big idea.

I want to test something totally different on the opt in page and then I’m running a smaller split test on the verbiage of the opt in page to see which performs better. Second up is the autoresponder sequence. Now obviously the optin page must be connected to the autoresponder sequence, but since this is a brand new lead magnet, there needs to be a new followup sequence. I use tags in my autoresponders, so I add a new tag so I can identify the individuals who come in through this, um, new kind of form, if you will, those new opt in page. And then I want to make sure that I have a transition from the autoresponder sequence, either back to my old autoresponder sequence that leads them to the broadcast list or directly to the broadcast list. Now, for email marketing, I run people through an autoresponder sequence.

Generally it’s between three and 10 days, but after that they get put onto a broadcast list where they get all of those kind of ongoing updates. And that’s what I want to make sure is in place before I start sending lots of traffic to the opt in page and people start opting in. I wanna make sure that that system is built in a way that I don’t have to think about it. And it kind of automated delivers that which they requested. It then gets them caught up on our bit. What we do, what we offer some additional free value and eventually make sure it lands them on my broadcast list because that is where we make the bulk of our income. Number three is the delivery page, so this is a page on our website and we needs to actually deliver the item. Now this follows the email list portion.

That first email that goes out to the individual who just opted in. That first email is what delivers the thing that they asked for, right? That lead magnet is actually delivered via email, so I need to have that hosted on my site so it’s a page on my site, but the actual item is hosted elsewhere. If it’s a video system hosted on Vimeo, Vimeo pro, so you can kind of manage the video delivery elsewhere. If it’s an MP3, you can use Libsyn or Amazon’s S3. You don’t really want your web server to, um, have to actually deliver the content itself.

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