Cold Email Outreach Strategies to Secure New Clients Fast!

We all have them: our dream customers, the seriously amazing companies or people we’d just loooove to work with. But if you’ve never worked with them before, you don’t know the decision makers, and you have zero contacts in common. There’s only one conceivable way you can think of to get your foot in the door:

Cold outreach.


You’ve all received so many cringey, badly worded or downright rude cold pitches, the last thing you want is to turn into serial spam senders yourself. So how do you reach out to your dream clients and collaborators in a way that’ll actually lead to new projects, new relationships, and new opportunities?

In this video we’re sharing the top 4 strategies we used when we took on our own cold outreach challenge — they worked for us now we want to show you how you can make them work for you too!

Now the next thing you might be asking yourself is… WHAT DO I ACTUALLY SAY when I reach out? Especially to someone who doesn’t know me?

You might be worried about coming across as pushy or spammy or you might be worried about being ignored and wasting your 1 shot at a good first impression.

Well, after doing hundreds of reach outs we’ve perfected the first initial message to send to get the conversation going…

… and we’ve broken that down too into 7 types of initial messages you can try. This is usually an ATOMIC members only training, but if you click the link below… we’ve made a snippet available of that training that helps you work out which of the 7 is right for you…

You can watch that on-demand, right now or schedule a time:



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