Interview with Deborah Meaden | How Small Businesses Can Stand Out!

Let’s have a ‘Hell yeah!’ for all the small and mighty businesses. Because while the rest of the world obsesses over scaling up, we’re all about showing you that a small business can be just as successful as a huge corporation 💪

And guys, we’re not the only ones delivering the small and mighty message — ‘Dragon’s Den’ star Deborah Meaden has been saying the same thing for years!

So, not only have we persuaded her to headline next year’s ATOMICON, we also managed to get her on a Zoom call this week. (We know! 😁We’re still pinching ourselves…)

Join us as we talk to Deborah about standing out as a small and mighty business, jazzy shirts, and pickled gherkins!

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Grow Your Small Business the Smart Way

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