Conference Networking Tips to Change Your Life! 🤩

These conference networking tips will guarantee you make connections with the right people and make the right impression at a conference. Networking is an investment of your time AND money – so let’s make sure you get the most from it!

We let you into our secrets on how we prepare for conference networking, ways to boost your confidence when you’re there and what do after the event to make maximum impact on the people you met.

Attending a conference can be expensive and take a lot of time out of the business as you travel, but the rewards are second to none and personally we have got so much from events.

Including… making new friends, getting guest blog opportunities, meeting amazing celebrities, getting new clients, geeking out with peers and learning about new opportunities, meeting our clients and strengthening those relationships, getting speaking gigs… all in addition to actually learning from the talks.

Where else could all these things happen:

​- Meeting celebrities like Tina Fey
– Meeting mentors who have changed our life
– Picking up new clients, and
– Getting speaking gigs from spending time with the right people…

At conferences!!

After attending and speaking at over 20+ conferences this year alone, we wanted to give you our top 8 tips on how to max out an event, so you come back feeling like it changed your life!

Because they honestly have for us, even as just attendees.

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