How To Write Blogs That Make Money – Beginner Friendly!

Finally, you will understand why some bloggers make money with blogs and others never make a dime. Learn the 2 tricks to writing blogs that make you money even if you are a beginner blogger!

The first and most important blogging tip for building a successful blog that can create a side income or full-time business income for you is to get started…

This may sound simple but way too many people who want to build online businesses and blogs are waiting on the sidelines in the hopes they will someday understand how everything works…

And then they will get started. But the truth is that the only way you truly learn how to become a successful blogger is by jumping into the unknown, getting your first blog up and getting started.

To help you get started if you haven’t already, here is my free how to start a blog guide that shows step-by-step how to get your new blog started right:

Through my videos and blog posts I have helped over 50,000 people start their own blogs and I’m confident that this proven process will work for you, too.

The big sticking point for many people when they are trying to figure out what to blog about is choosing a niche. In this video I use blog niche examples like tennis, crochet, golf, baby strollers and more…

My personal belief is that the world of making money blogging is still wide open for those willing to put in the effort and do the work as shown in this video.

With that said if you don’t yet know what your niche is for your blog, be sure to go through my “how to choose a profitable niche” training here:

The two blog templates you are about to learn here are designed to get your content in front of people searching for products to buy and transformations to experience.

By getting your blog content in front of these types of people you are able to help them achieve their goals while earning an income for guiding them along the path.

You are going to learn how to search through several free different tools that will allow you to understand what topics are best for your audience.

When you understand what they are looking for you are able to start crafting blog content that answers their biggest questions and helps them on their path.

You’ll also learn two tricks to uncovering proven content structures, frameworks and outlines that have already proven to get your audience the transformation they seek.

These are all free tools and beginner friendly for new bloggers because they help you simply analyze what is already working so you can improve upon the established processes in your niche.

Once you have the topic chosen and the outline created based on what you learn in this video, it is time to actually get down to writing the blog post. I teach two separate ways to write blog posts depending on which template you are following.

The first way is to write affiliate blog posts fast as shown in this video:

For the second template type you want to create SEO optimized blog posts in order to attract people searching Google for your specific phrase which you can learn in this video:

If you want access to the exact blog writing process that I personally built with 10 years of experience and then refined by training a team of bloggers to help me grow my seven separate sites, you can access it here:

Finally, you might wonder what a super successful blog looks like…

For a new blogger just starting out it can help to have examples of real-world blogs making millions and an insight about where they started and how they started…

Comparing yourself to the successful bloggers in your niche can be a big problem because you are just getting started and they have been mastering the craft sometimes for decades.

It’s important to look back at where these bloggers started and compare yourself today with where they were when they got started to.

In order to show you behind the scenes of several million dollar bloggers who have created massive success and give you insights about where they started, watch this video here

I hope you have found this video helpful if so, give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment and I’ll catch you on the next video.

-Miles Beckler

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