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Today I’m going to teach you how to supercharge your content marketing by learning from your competition. There’s over a billion blogs on the web, that’s so many, that’s roughly one for every seven people. There’s so many people who are already doing what you’re trying to do with content marketing, you can learn from them. So why not take their concepts of what’s working for them, put it on the table so you can learn from it.

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With your competitors, there’s many different business models that they may have, from getting leads for public speaking, to being affiliate play, to selling software and tools, or getting more podcast listeners, to even getting more consulting leads or making money through advertising or selling products like e-commerce, content marketing works for all niches.

So let’s go over some of these examples.

The first thing you need to do is put in your competitor’s domain into Ubersuggest. So go to, put in your competitor’s domain name, and from there, you’ll see a report and the report will show you, hey, who is linking to your competition.

And the way you get there is in the left hand navigation side, make sure you click on Backlinks so that way you can see this report. And this will show you the pages on their sites that are performing well from a SEO standpoint, right? What are the pages that people want to link to because they feel they’re ultra valuable? And that’ll give you idea of what’s working and what’s not.

The third step is to go top pages in the left hand navigation and look for the popular pages. This will show you all the pages whether they’re the e-commerce page, or a content rich page, or a video page, that’s driving traffic based on social shares, backlinks, and estimated visits.

The fourth step when you’re going to your competition’s site and you’re looking at their content, because you’ve now found this data from Ubersuggest. So when you’re on that top pages report, you would click on over to their website and look to see if they have any emails, product, services, sign up for them.

So now let’s dive a little bit deeper into different examples.

Let’s start off with affiliates. There’s a ton of affiliate sites out there, it’s big. A good example of affiliate site is Wirecutter. They’ll write articles on everything out there that benefit people, and you can see this in the Ubersuggest top pages report.

Another one is Outdoor Gearlab. And their website covers a lot of popular articles. And you can see this database on the estimated visits as well as the social shares. So you see the social shares on the right side and the estimated visits on the left side.

Marketo, which is now owned by Adobe. You can go to their website, check out their products, request a demo, download some of their ebooks, seminars. It’ll give you idea of what they’re doing to attract people.

Canva, another popular app, I use this one all the time. And you can see again, through the top pages that they have things around photo editors and templates and cards.

That’s another example of a content piece that you can write that people love to read.

Podcasting. And listen to their podcast episodes. Because if this is your competition, you’ll get an understanding of what they’re doing, what’s working. Make sure you go to their Apple Store, check out everything, the reviews, what people are saying what they like, what they dislike. This will give you ideas as well. Because this will all help you figure out how you can generate sales from your podcast, as well as how you can get the viewership and listens as well.

For people who sell products, there’s a lot of examples of this.
One of my favorite examples is e-commerce. There’s so many sites that use content marketing and sell products. And if you type in your e-commerce competitors into Ubersuggest and go to their top pages, you’ll see what’s driving them traffic.

And the last example that I want to share with you is courses. I used to have courses that I would sell, now I just give them away for free like I’m doing with SEO Unlocked.

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