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First of all if you have not yet completed part one of the free how-to blog training, go here:

And of course if you do not yet know your niche for your blog, go through my entire training that will help you choose a profitable niche here:

It is important that you complete all of these blog trainings because they build upon each other to help you understand the different blog post types and blogger activities you need to succeed.

If you have not yet started your blog, my free step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog is here:

This video is an advanced blog training that will go deep into the world of growing your blog’s authority and building backlinks.

You will learn a specific post type that we call a link magnet that is designed to naturally attract links…

You will also learn about an outreach process and template to help you scale the process of gaining links to your blog, so you can rank faster and drive traffic from Google to your blog.

Now, if you aren’t currently publishing lots of SEO optimize blog posts that are focused on your target keywords, that is the first key.

You want to use these link magnet posts and focus on building your sites authority with back links after you have habituated the process of publishing great content.

My entire process for writing blog posts that rank well in Google is here:

If you do not know what topics you should be writing about be sure to watch this video that shares five free tools to come up with great blog topics your audience will love:

And of course I have a series of keyword research videos that will give you insights into the topics your blog audience is searching for:

If you are wondering how long your blog post should be, watch this video:

Then there is the actual structure of your content. There is a blogging trick that very few bloggers know about which allows you to get the exact subtopics Google wants to see in your post from Google.

I show how to accomplish this blog post research in this video here:

finally it is important for you to understand the process to go from a new blog to a blog that makes money. To show you some real world examples of blogs that are making significant money online, this video reveals five separate million-dollar blogs:

You will learn how to analyze the growth and the success of these blogs so you can follow in their footprints and speed up your process to achieve blogging success.

Now the real key to building a successful blog based business online is taking action.

It’s important for you to have enough training and understanding of how the blog-o-sphere works but then you need to shift into massive action writing great content that your audience is searching for.

So, if you have not already started your blog be sure to use the link above and visit my site for the step-by-step tutorial to get started.

Then it’s time for you to come up with new topics, outline them for search engine optimization and write, write, write!

the more you publish the faster you will move along the path to success as a blogger.

Then mix in these content types you learned about here in this video and you will be amazed at what you are able to create for your blog.

If you have any questions for me get at me below in the comments and be sure to thumbs up this video and share it with anyone you know who would appreciate this free training.

I appreciate you…

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