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Today is another day of YouTube Unlocked where we teach you how to go from zero to 100,000 subscribers. In this lesson we’re going to be teaching you how to build your channel.

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With your channel it all comes down to researching. What is the search demand for topic ideas? What are problems that people want you to solve? What challenges are people having that they want you to help them overcome? And what goals do you need to help them accomplish? And knowing that will help you come up with better video content that gets traffic.

And the way you can do that is by using Ubersuggest.

And here’s the thing, when we look at videos and we’re going our research, we’re just like okay, if a video is fairly new and it has a ton of views and that channel isn’t that popular, we know it’s a hot topic that people want to hear about. And that’s really important because if a video is really popular, but they have 10+ million subscribers, well of course the video is going to do well even if it’s a crap video.

Now when you’re using Ubersuggest, you’ll need to build a keyword list. This will help you with all those ideas, whether you got it from Google Trends or YouTube or just browsing around and looking at competitor channels. Once you have all these ideas, you need to build a list.

Now on Ubersuggest you want to save those keywords that are the right fit for videos that you can create around those topics, export them to CSV so you have them and you know that’s what you should aim for in the future as well.

Once you finish the research part, you need to go create your channel and your name and title of your channel are super important. Now you could just choose a channel name based on the category you’re in and that could make sense, but I also recommend not just to describe the topic or the category you’re in, but also choose a name that’s sticky, unique, that stands out, that’s brandable and avoid using numbers. You also want to keep it simple.

Once you do that, you want to make sure you also have your description. Your description you can go more in depth. Have those keywords that describes what your channel is, the main benefits for their users and what they’re going to end up learning and why they should subscribe.

I also recommend that you have unique channel art, be professional. People like that. They don’t want the same old channel art that everyone else is using. And in your channel art, let them know how often you publish videos, why they should subscribe, add your logo. This will all have people continually come back and just boost your numbers overall.

Add links to free related training, downloadable links so you can collect emails, workbooks ebooks, social media handles. I always tend to link back to my site.

Make sure you also complete the about section and be super thorough there. Explain what your brand is all about. You can tell stories if you want, get to the point, but just really make sure that when someone reads this, you’re hooking them in and you’re making them understand not just why or what they’re going to learn when they…

I also recommend adding your other social sites as well. You want to cross promote because it’ll help all your social profiles become more popular as well.

With YouTube consistency is the key. The more content you post, the better off you’re going to be and you’ll find what times work for you.

And you can do a lot of different stuff like polls, text-based posts, images. This is really cool. I highly recommend checking it out. The more engagement you have even if it’s just not on videos, the higher your videos and the more likely you are to get more and more subscribers as well.

The more often you go live, the better off you’re going to be. And as I mentioned earlier, make sure you pre-schedule your videos. Click on create at the top right corner, upload your video, enter your title description.Then once you click next, you want to skip the video elements and in the visibility section click on schedule, select the date and time and then boom, click schedule.

And to help you with that, I have a YouTube editorial calendar for you. You can find this at then click on YouTube Unlocked. Click on week one.

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