How to Plan Your Week to Achieve Your Goals (for Entrepreneurs)

Stop being fed up and overwhelmed at the end of your day. Watch this as we show you how to plan and prioritise your days for maximum impact. So you can keep making more and more money, month on month, without just having to work longer hours.

No more working late and no more feeling like you just haven’t done much.

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Here’s what one lady said after watching it:
“I watched Ground Zero and it showed me EXACTLY where I should be focusing my time, and what I should stop doing. In just 2 weeks I had doubled my monthly income! Holy F*** I didn’t expect that.” – Mars Lord


0:00 What kind of planner are you?
0:43 What we found out when we asked hundreds of small businesses to share their to-do lists
0:33 How to make a list of your daily, weekly & monthly recurring tasks
2:07 How to create your perfect working week & categorise your days
4:27 How to allocate times for your recurring tasks within your daily and weekly schedule
6:08 How to find time to work ON your business when you’re caught up in client work
7:30 How to make a list of business growth projects
8:08 How to prioritise your projects
8:57 How to break projects down into tasks
9:43 What tasks to put into your ‘deep work time’
11:44 How to schedule each day



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