Miles Beckler VLOG #1 – $5,000 Per Person Mastermind In Las Vegas #ABFM19

Go behind the scenes of a $5000 per person mastermind… What happens when 120 of the most successful on tuners in the personal development space party it up in Vegas for seven day mastermind?

Welcome to the Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2019 in Las Vegas!

This mastermind started out with multiple days of parties and crazy experiences to help all the members get comfortable, network and start to forge new relationships.

I’ve spoken at length about the power of masterminding with people who are in a similar space as you which you can read here:

I’ve even hosted my own private mastermind for successful entrepreneurs called the abundant circle what you can see videos from here:

Okay, back to Vegas for the bug free mind mastermind…

The first night we were greeted with limos and we were taken over to Liberace’s mansion for the opening party.

This place was crazy… Liberace bought two houses in a normal Vegas neighborhood and had them attached… Then he added hundreds of meters to the walls and now there’s even an event space in the back. The sunroom up top blue my mind not to mention the peacock.

I’m not sure if I loved Liberace’s mansion or hated it… LOL, but it was a great opening party and a very unique experience.

Day two we went out on coke carts and they had six separate heats with the winners from each heat racing against each other in the championships.

Melanie had a great start in her heat and was off to a quick lead but ended up spinning out on turn seven and slipped into second place from there…

I ended up winning my go cart heat and had a terrible pole position for the finals in the back row… I was able to muscle my way up to the front of the pack but could not chase down the leader and ended up taking second place in the finals.

The end of the second day we went out for the desert party which was a mini recreation of a burning man like experience.

Food and drinks served from tents with entertainers out in the middle of the desert…

They brought out a camel named Moses and we got to sit around the fire and really get to know some of our fellow mastermind attendees.

One of the things they did different that I really appreciate was moving the fun and activities to the front of the mastermind to give us a chance to bond.

I’m going to incorporate this to my abundant circle masterminds also.

From here we had three days of sessions, learning, Roundtable breakout sessions, etc.

I got to see speakers like Marianne Williamson, Joe Sugarman and dozens of other great marketers and leaders in the personal develop in space.

Unfortunately they did not allow filming inside of the actual sessions so I was limited at to what I could bring you back but it makes sense. We helping each other grow multimillion dollar businesses and some of these ideas need to stay behind closed doors.

This is why we pay $5000 per person to attend these types of events 😉

There was a final wrap up party in a Vegas mansion and then Melanie and I ended it in perfect style finding a little nook of red rocks to go reach charge after seven days of a bug free mastermind

Enjoy the show and leave me a comment to let me know what you think…

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