The Craziest Marketing Experiments I Have Ever Done and Why They Worked

The Craziest Marketing Experiments I Have Ever Done and Why They Worked // I’m not exaggerating when I say that experimentation has brought the biggest results to my company. Sometimes it’s multiplied my business by 2x, 3x, or even 4x. Now, today what I wanted to do is share some of my experiments that you can learn from and get better. Today I’m going to share the craziest marketing experiments that I’ve done and why they work.

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The first experiment that I rent is the 100k challenge. This was the challenge that I published on my old blog that I no longer own, Quick Sprout. In which I said, hey anyone can create a business that generates 100k a month and let me show you, and I can do that within 12 months.

Any experiment that you do that people can follow along with you from beginning to end, and it shows people how they can do something step by step or how they can learn from it step by step, typically works extremely well. Just like those fit loss and weight loss challenges.

They work because people can follow along and try to do it themselves. They can relate to it. You give them step by step instructions. Again, it can work really well.

The second experiment that I did is: Who is Neil Patel? Now, you may not be familiar with that experiment, but years ago, what I did is I had a lot of Instagram influencers hold up a sign with my name on it.

So, overall, that experiment brought into the brand awareness. People are googling for my name. I had a huge uplift in traffic, and more importantly, I had a huge uplift in rankings as well.

Now, the downside with that is a lot of people that were holding up my sign, they’re half-naked men and half-naked women. I would try to control that. I wouldn’t necessarily go through agencies. I can’t blame the agencies.

At the end of the day, the buck falls on me for doing it, but you should be more careful and picky. When I was picking people to help me with that experiment.

I should have been very strategic and been like please send me each of their profiles, I want to make sure that they have engagement. I want to make sure that the images are appropriate, etc.

But, that provides a huge lift in brand inquiries, and Google loves brand inquiries, so the more brand inquiries you have for your name, the higher your organic rankings will increase.

My third experiment: Expanding to Brazil. It was one of my most favorite experiments. And the reason being I got to learn and get to know markers from all around the world. I started with Brazil, eventually, I went into Germany and Italy and Japan and China and all these other regions.

But Brazil was the first country I really expanded into and the thing I learned is, when you want to expand into a region, you need partners there, feet on the ground.

Without feet on the ground and people who understand the cultures, people who can be there to promote you, you’re not going to do that well. We saw huge potential in that country because I was at a conference.

I saw that a lot of people there, they want to learn, they have money, why not expand. They have good GDP. GDP is important. Look for countries with big GDP. Not necessarily the GDP per capita, I found that the bigger the GDP, and if the GDP per capita is smaller, it’s okay, you can still do well. And when I went into these regions, the reason this experiment was amazing and awesome is English is competitive. Portuguese, not so much.

The reason being is Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, they’re no longer just US companies. They’re just companies that are American. They’re global companies.

The last experiment, and this is one of my funniest, if not my favorite experiment overall, is Ubersuggest. I bought it for roughly 100 and something thousand dollars. I think 120 thousand and I had a mission.

Started off as a simple keyword tool but then it revealed to be really huge, potentially, right? In which I can add in site data, tracking rankings, SEO analyzer, backlinks, all this kind of stuff and the reason I love this is the tool now makes up the majority of my traffic. It’s more popular than my text-based content.

So if you want to end up generating a lot of traffic, it’s actually easier to do it with a tool than it is to create content and in the long run, it’s cheaper.

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