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Before you buy backlinks for link building in PLEASE WATCH THIS NOW!
I know that building backlinks for any niche can be a difficult task for any SEO inside of any niche. So a lot of times instead of doing manuel outreach for our backlinks we will turn to buying them.

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So what you will learn in this video is what to ask and what to look for before you decide to purchase backlinks from a links vendor.

Below are a few questions to ask the vendor before you decide to invest into a link building service or a PBN network. Metrics are a great guideline for assuming the authority of a backlink but if that link is not on a relevant page than the power is almost not relevant.

1. Do my links roll off of the home-page?
2. Will my link be on the home-page or inner page.
3. Can I buy a sticky homepage link? Home page links are better for power as a side note.
4. Are the pages indexed or Will my link be on a new page not indexed?
5. Is there any traffic to the page my link will be on?
6. What is the authority of the page that my link will be on?
7. How is the internal linking of your website?

These are a few questions to ask a link vendor before buying, I hope this will help you with your decision. Please note buying links is against the guidelines so be safe about it. Do not go to ultra public sources that sell a lot of links to users.

Questions feel free to ask I am happy to help with link building or SEO questions of any kind.

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