Black Hat SEO Techniques – Negative SEO Backlinks

Learn how to safe guard your site from black hat SEO techniques using negative SEO backlinks in 2021.
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Often times SEO’s black hat or not will determine that negative SEO using links is done with mass spam links.

But how many times have you heard that a black-hatter had sent in mass volumes of backlinks to a site and then later found out that the site they negative SEO’ed is now ranking even higher and bringing in more keyword traffic.

So with this in mind I wanted to share with you today a technique often overlooked due to the cost to implement. And that is using quality SEO backlinks in order to de-rank a website.

Sending in authoritative backlinks with negative anchor text can be harmful to your website and now you know what to look for when analyzing you link profiles.

If you have any other black-hat SEO questions or need help with finding and stopping a negative SEO attack please feel free to ask below. I am willing to answer all questions to help you from this type of SEO.

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