Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 311

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0:00 Intro and announcements

11:25 For this service: GMB Verification mgyb dot co/store/gmb-verifications/ Does this mean I could buy a GMB listing for say, a made up Construction Company, in any city I want? Would there be a way to get reviews to that GMB? Would I not need a physical address for that, just city state? and in that case, could I still rank it in the Local Pack (without an actual address/location)? That would be CRAZY, if I could rank that and just get a phone number action into those searches, wow! How high is the risk to lose the GMB properties from Google shutting them down? If I am not understanding this concept correctly, also let me know. I also have some connections to the towing and auto repair industries and am open to other niches so if some GMB niches are safer than others for keeping the properties long term so I can safely invest in ranking them and setting up lead buyers, let me know.

23:39 Bradley Benner, Having GMBs in this way seems to tie in to clients vs lead selling and some things you are doing with selling leads and putting the lead simplify forms on the GMB Site. Please share what you can!

25:30 Hey guys, looking to get myself a subscription to an indexing service. Is it safe to run urls already indexed through an indexer. I have spreadsheets created months ago with links I manually built to a money site and pinged all the urls back then. Some indexed naturally but the others havent. Would it be safe to run all those links through the indexer or could I risk deindexing them completely. These are quality links to the money site not tiered web2s.

28:34 Good Day Gents Marco can you please drop the link to your charity. The need of these wonderful kids are ongoing and I hope a few generous people will contribute a little because it will mean a lot to these great kids . Every little bit helps. My question this week is when you get the RYS expansion delivered, do you run a press releases stack to that new site and not the first one that came with the original RYS shield. Thank you

35:43 Any update on IFTTT / syndication network’s thanks to the IFTTT functionality limits / recipe caps on free users? If I order another shield is this process / setup still good? Is there an alternative to IFTTT? What’s the good word gents? Thank you.

40:09 Google Search Console is not allowing us to request individual page indexing. This will supposedly last “several weeks” while Google updates infrastructure. Is there any new strategy for indexation for individual pages. I will use the for multiple pages. Thanks.

47:04 1) How does google find pinged pages to sites? Don’t the page somehow need to be discovered? Is there any chance the pinging will never be indexed to some sites?

50:38 YEP! LEAD SIMPLIFY! Bradley regarding a recent webby you did with Mike Martin on a national site for say pest care would you go with a simple or complex silo?

56:00 3) When is the break point of long form content? meaning which scenarios should we silo and when do we do a long form content which answers and touches all the subjects on some topic?

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